Saturday, 21 July, 2018

New The Last Of Us Part 2 Trailer Released

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Sherri Watson | 30 October, 2017, 20:09

Naughty Dog made the admission in the description for the game's European Union trailer, which was revealed today during the PlayStation Paris Games Week 2017 event. We're sure you have many questions after watching this scene'.

PlayStation has dropped a brand new trailer for The Last Of Us Part II, the much-anticipated sequel to the Bafta award-winning zombie horror game. Well getting into the other video we see that while we can expect to see Joel and Ellie we'll be seeing some other folks affected by the events from the other game.

The Last of Us was one of the biggest games for Naughty Dog when it released back in 2013, and a lot of fans have been patiently awaiting the sequel which was announced a year ago.

The newcomer spits in the face of the camp's leader, who smoothly responds, "Clip her wings". The trailer doesn't show Joel or Ellie, but Neil Druckman is remaining silently coy on the who, what, where, and when of the characters featured. But hell, even I wasn't prepared for how far down the brutal rabbit hole Naughty Dog is going for their post-apocalyptic sequel. We really don't know, but were very excited to find out.