Saturday, 21 July, 2018

Goa police rewards ATM guard for foiling loot attempt in Panaji

Robber Hits Goa ATM Guard Multiple Times On Head With Hammer. Caught On CCTV The robber strikes the guard with a hammer about ten to eleven times before managing to flee
Melinda Barton | 30 October, 2017, 18:57

The security guard of the ATM center can be seen in a video attempting to catch hold of the robber.

Despite being hit on the head multiple times by a hammer, a fearless ATM security guard foiled a robbery attempt being unarmed and barefoot!

The footage has been obtained from a Bank of Maharashtra ATM in Goa's Panjim city. A security guard posted at one the ATMs of the Bank of Maharashtra in Panaji foiled an attempt of robbery by an armed goon. Also, the robber's gloves, face mask, hammer have also been recovered by the police which he left after being encountered by the security guard.

After the incident, a complaint has been registered with the Panjim Police Station against the unidentified robber and the Panjim police are scrutinising the CCTV footage from the location. "We'll hopefully solve the case soon". They usually manage the feat because often the ATMs are not guarded but they don't go far and are nabbed in due course because all ATMs are equipped with CCTV cameras. After about a dozen strikes to the head, and with the security guard's head busted open, the robber manages to flee.

In a 40 second CCTV footage, it can be clearly seen how the robber brutally attacked the security guard after he tried to foil thief's intention.