Wednesday, 26 September, 2018

GameStop 'PowerPass' program gives you unlimited access to used games

GameStop Employees Comment on Rental Program Rumors GameStop 'PowerPass' program gives you unlimited access to used games
Sherri Watson | 30 October, 2017, 22:17

Only the PowerUp Rewards members would qualify for the Power Pass. Smaller GameStop locations - potentially even larger ones - may already suffer from a thin stock of pre-owned games that will surely become smaller if this program proves to be a moderate hit. Subscribers can check out one game for as long as they want, and when they're done they can bring it back to check out something else.

Moreover, players can keep the last one they take.

PowerPass will kick off in the United States on November 19.

This move of GameStop is an interesting offer to lure more gamers to their stores.

In order to keep track of what has been rented, the service is only available to GameStop's Power-Up Rewards members, though it's open to those on both the free and paid-for tiers. In the age of online services, this way of renting games may look a bit out-dated but it happens to be a cheaper alternative to the service that Gamefly is offering. $60 is the price for a lot of new, triple-A titles, and with that, you'll be able to get six months of unlimited pre-owned "rentals" from your GameStop store. Working in a different way to previous physical game rental schemes, it costs $60 for a six-month subscription, during which time you can rent any of GameStop's pre-owned library.

The GameStop representative also confirmed an interesting detail that wasn't present in the leaked ad: you'll be able to gift a PowerPass subscription to other people.