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12-year-old jumps from Virginia highway overpass, kills driver below

Courtesy of Marisa Harris' family Courtesy of Marisa Harris' family
Melinda Barton | 30 October, 2017, 09:20

A 22-year-old woman was killed after a 12-year-old boy attempting suicide by jumping off an overpass in Virginia landed on her vehicle Saturday afternoon, investigators said.

Family said she was studying counseling to help troubled kids like the 12-year-old boy who jumped off the overpass.

According to police, Harris was driving her 2005 Ford Escape, traveling east on I-66, when the boy jumped from the Cedar Lane overpass in Fairfax County, incapacitating her.

Police responded to the accident at 4:18 p.m. Harris was pronounced dead at the scene.

Harris' boyfriend was in the passenger seat of the SUV and was able to grab the steering wheel and safely guide the auto off the interstate. The man who fell from the overpass was transported to the Fairfax Inova Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Her family said that she wanted to work with children with severe behavioural problems and was a high-achieving student.

"She was - she was awesome", her mother said.

Her father, Patrick Harris, told the Post he wasn't ignorant about the circumstances of her death.

Prior to attending graduate school, Marisa graduated summa cum laude from Towson University, where she completed her undergraduate degree, Miller said. "I miss her so much".

I-66 between Nutley Street and Gallows road was closed for several hours while police investigated the incident.