Monday, 21 January, 2019

BJP Chief Amit Shah leads 'Janaraksha Yatra'

Man accused in 2016 murder of two BJP workers in Kerala made a CPI branch secretary Representative image
Melinda Barton | 20 October, 2017, 08:54

Chief Minister Pinaryi Vijayan said on Wednesday that he was accepting the challenge of BJP National president Amit Shah to come out for debate over development and ideology.

The CM stated that the "shameful performances" enacted by these ministers were an attempt to distort the harmony and peaceful lives of Kerala and also made into the history as a "classic example of a violation of federal principles".

Pinarayi also opined that the "flopped yatra" exposed the double standards maintained by the BJP and Sangh Parivar and helped the national media realise the reality in Kerala and how inspirational it is. On his Facebook page, he asks Amit Shah to clarify whether BJP-ruled states had achieved progress on par with that made by Kerala.

"There is no state ruled by BJP that is anywhere near or even comparable with Kerala's worldwide standards of the development index, Mr Vijayan said in a Facebook post, calling the BJP's 15-day Jan Raksha Yatra against the ruling CPM's "murder politics" a "flopped yatra".

During the valedictory function of the Jan Raksha Yatra on Tuesday, Shah said the BJP was ready to debate with Vijayan on issues such as development, eradication of poverty and ideological matters.

"They still have time for course correction".

"Kerala has nothing to learn from BJP or the RSS that guides it", the Chief Minister said, his stinging jab at the BJP and its president Amit Shah's for their incessant attacks on him during its relay walk. The development model Kerala has set bases itself on the progressive stances of the people in Kerala.

"Most incidents took place in the home district of Pinarayi Vijayan".