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McDonald's introduces phone lockers to get people to put their mobiles away

Nellie Chapman | 18 Октября, 2017, 21:44

In a survey conducted by the fast food chain last month, it was found that 98 per cent out of 302 parents surveyed and 91 per cent of all children surveyed use their mobile devices whenever they are together, and more than two-thirds of respondents reported using their smartphones during mealtimes.

The mobile phone locker, the first-of-its-kind in Singapore, encourages parents and children to put their devices away safely and focus on family bonding, it said.

The locker for 100 phones might have been a bit too ambitious.

People shared images of the lockers on Instagram. Most parents also said their kids use their phone during family time.

Another customer said his family made a genuine attempt to lock their mobiles away but "failed within five minutes". McDonald's urged youths to ditch their phones in India in 2015 with an advertisement that showed people missing real world moments because they were glued to their screen.

McDonalds - the purveyors of fast food - may not have been the best place to start the practice, as it has a very quick turnover of customers who aren't usually sitting down to a long, three-course meal, where a phone ban might be met with more of a welcome.

McDonald's said there were no extra charges for customers who use the table service feature at the outlet and that it is open to everyone and not just limited to families or parents.

McDonald's Singapore said it is also piloting table service at the Marine Cove branch.

According to Channel News Asia, the Singapore restaurant will gather feedback that will help McDonald's decide whether or not to expand the initiative.

Encouraging customers to enjoy each other's company opposed to their phone's, McDonald's has introduced the "family playdate" box where diners are given the option of locking up their device as they enter the restaurant. Staff members will be reminding them of their phones before they leave the outlet.