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Apocalypse wow: Saharan dust and Iberian fires turn United Kingdom skies red

The sky above Newport The sky above Newport
Melinda Barton | 18 October, 2017, 16:53

A flaming orange sky in Powys, WalesWhy did the sky turn yellow?

Winds from the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia are thought to have blown dust from the Sahara to cause the surreal skies. Blue light, which usually paints the sky, was scattered enabling more yellow and orange light to break through.

Ophelia pulled northward a mixture of wildfire smoke from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal) along with dust from Africa's Saharan Desert.

While they were spared the worst of Storm Ophelia's brunt, Londoners and others in the United Kingdom spent much of Monday under ominous skies because of the storm.

"It's certainly spectacular at the moment and quite a talking point, we've had a lot of calls about it". Hurricane Ophelia comes exactly 30 years after the Great Storm of 1987.

Weathermen said the storm has sucked warm air from the south and a lack of rain meant the dust was not washed out as it otherwise might have been.

According to the Met Office, the dust scatters the blue light from the sun letting more red light through much as at sunrise or sunset. This has been dragged north by Ophelia.

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