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Reporter checks Kentucky Wildcats' John Calipari during FBI investigation question

Reporter demands answer from John Calipari in heated exchange'This is a media day Reporter demands answer from John Calipari in heated exchange'This is a media day
Kristopher Love | 13 October, 2017, 08:36

John Calipari was predictibly peppered with questions about the FBI investigation in college basketball at Kentucky media day on Thursday. The Wildcats coach asked the rest of the reporters in the room if anybody else had any other questions, but Tipton wasn't having any of it.

"Look, it's unfortunate, all the stuff that's come down, but let's talk about my team".

Tipton: "You can then not answer ... fine".

As Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald-Leader asked a question on the topic of the Federal Bureau of Investigation after that request, Calipari pointed to another reporter who had a question, signaling to get their question instead of the first one. Kentucky is a Nike school.

Tipton: One more question about the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Tipton: That's all I know is right there. There's going to be a time where I'll say, 'Here are some things I think we need to do.' It'll probably be on where you can read it. "If a fan would put 2 and 2 together ..." We don't know what you're saying, if it's true.

Calipari: Oh, that makes it true. "So for me to really comment much on it, I mean I don't know where all this is going". There is no one, we haven't been contacted, the NCAA hasn't contacted us. How about a basketball question?

The press conference continued for another 35 minutes focusing on the upcoming season.

While the injury to Jarred Vanderbilt isn't ideal, this Kentucky team has depth and versatility at many key positions. One of the men named in the Federal Bureau of Investigation case, Merl Code, left Nike for Adidas more than three years ago.

Calipari better hope his program doesn't become implicated in the corruption scandal the FBI is investigating, because if it does he will probably have to answer more than a few questions about it.