Thursday, 19 July, 2018

91-Year-Old Jamaican Immigrant Dead Following Home Invasion

The location of a deadly home invasion in Brooklyn New York 91-Year-Old Jamaican Immigrant Dead Following Home Invasion
Sherri Watson | 13 October, 2017, 02:57

"Officers entered the apartment and found her husband tied up, lying on the floor and he was unresponsive", said Deputy Chief Michael Kemper.

Investigators said they are looking for four male suspects and watching surveillance footage for clues. Inside the home, they found Waldiman still tied and unconscious. Neighbor Lawrence Randolph said the couple lived next to him for more than 20 years.

Waldiman was taken to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead about an hour later, police said. "She said, "Somebody just tied me and my husband up and robbed us" and said please use your phone".

Cops plan to have Ethlin Thompson recreate for them what happened as soon as she's well enough to return home from Kings County Hospital, where she was hospitalized after the crooks threw a blanket over her head and bound her Wednesday.

While the official cause of death hasn't been determined, investigators believe the 91-year-old may have died of shock because he had no other injuries.

Police say at approximately 3:30pm yesterday, officers responded to a call at a residence located on Decatur Street near Marcus Garvey Boulevard. According to her brother Garfied Bringle, Ethlin Thompson was known to give out money to people in need.

Ethlin Thompson is expected to be released soon.


Delroy noted that family members, including himself, were in town the day before the home invasion for a family reunion at his sister's house in The Bronx.

"She's doing much better", said Karlen Grose, a niece of Waldiman Thompson.

'He came to see his sister because my mom is critically ill and he wanted to see her before she died, and now he died before her, ' Grose told NY1. It's possible that the intruders knew the couple, since the invasion does not appear to be random, they said. "This godly and big-hearted couple suffered a truly godless and heartless attack that has struck a blow deep in the soul of Brooklyn".