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Previewing health order, Trump vows 'great, great' insurance

The White House announced late Thursday night that it will stop subsidy payments to insurers who sell coverage under Obamacare- prompting howls of protest from Democrat lawmakers Previewing health order, Trump vows 'great, great' insurance
Melissa Porter | 12 Октября, 2017, 04:05

"I'll also be signing something, probably this week, which is going to go a long way to take care of numerous people that have been so badly hurt on healthcare", Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. "They will get great competitive health care and it will cost the United States nothing", he said.

President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to sign an executive order on Obamacare as soon as this week.

Many insurers as well as the general public are likely anxiously waiting to see if and when Trump's executive order will come out - and what exactly it will contain, as it could potentially have very substantial implications for health care in the United States.

Under the President's executive action, membership groups could sponsor insurance plans that cost less because they would not have to offer the full menu of benefits required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka "Barack Obamacare". Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican who has identified specific reforms that could be made by the President alone.

In a statement Thursday night House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer slammed the decision as a'spiteful act of vast pointless sabotage

"Ha! Not even close", Heritage Action spokesman Dan Holler wrote in an email yesterday, after I'd asked whether the executive order eases pressure on Republicans in the House and Senate.

"We're going to have to do something on Obamacare because it is failing", Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. It is unlikely that Kissinger is getting his insurance from Obamacare's individual market, yet Trump claimed that he did not want to "pay 116 percent increase in his premiums". The regulations imposed by his health care law were causing some insurance plans to be canceled. For instance, small plumbing firms in different states could band together to form a group and buy coverage. Instead, the nationwide plans would be subject to the same federal oversight as large-employer policies. Also, these plans have a long history of financial troubles, with some becoming insolvent.

Trump's order could make plans cheaper for healthier people, while the Obamacare marketplace would be used primarily for sicker people.

Critics are anxious those health plans would not be regulated by the same rules as Obamacare plans, such as the law that people with pre-existing conditions are protected.