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Officer plans to appeal firing in nurse arrest

Officer plans to appeal firing in nurse arrest Officer plans to appeal firing in nurse arrest
Melinda Barton | 11 October, 2017, 15:34

It has been a complete month when a Utah nurse was illegally arrested and assaulted by a police detective from Salt Lake City.

Attorney Greg Skordas, who represents Payne (left), said his client plans to appeal a firing he considers unfair and over the top.

"I do think that Salt Lake City did a fair job of doing the investigation, and I think that their findings are, by and large, accurate", Panye's attorney Greg Skordas told the Salt Lake Tribune.

The incident, which took place on July 26 at the University of Utah hospital, saw Wubbels explaining that hospital policy required a warrant, patient consent or the patient to be under arrest to draw blood from a man who had been injured in a auto crash.

A police body camera recorded the July 26 arrest of Alex Wubbels, a nurse at the University of Utah's hospital burn unit. Her fault: she was just following the hospital's policy. After a tense exchange that lasted several minutes, Payne snapped. The video shows Wubbels screaming for him to nstop as he forced her out the door toward a police auto.

Wubbels was later released without charges.

The incident was sparked by the case of an off duty Idaho reserve police officer whose vehicle was struck by another motorist fleeing the police in a pickup truck. The hospital responded by barring law enforcement from patient-care areas and direct contact with nurses.

A supervisor of Payne, Lt. James Tracy, was demoted to officer after the investigation. Brown said Tracy made an impulsive decision when he ordered Payne to arrest Wubbels without "fully understanding the nature of the situation and, as such, violated policy", according to his disciplinary letter, which was also obtained by the Deseret News.

Patrick Harmon's sister Antoinette Harmon said Monday that watching the footage of the August 13 shooting is heartbreaking and shows police didn't do enough to de-escalate the situation.

The chief acknowledged in his letter that Payne had withheld important information that might have changed Tracy's mind, but said it did not excuse his actions that day.

"Substantial damage has been done to the Department's relationship with nurses, the Hospital and, equally important, the public we serve", he wrote.

"In order to be thorough, and given the seriousness of the case and the considerable public interest in the matter, all issues must be completely examined to preserve the public's trust in the criminal justice system and ensure the right measures are taken in this case", Gill wrote. "But further discussions are needed". (Salt Lake City Police Department/Courtesy of Karra Porter via AP, File) In this July 26, 2017, frame grab from video taken from a police body camera and provided by attorney Karra Porter, nurse Alex Wubbels is arrested by a Salt Lake City police officer at University Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Police said Harmon had a knife and threatened to stab them.

While handcuffing and forcefully dragging by Detective Payne, Wubbles was screaming and she was asking for help. He told Wubbels his supervisor said he should arrest her if she didn't allow the draw.

'Without the body camera footage, it would have been a she-said, they-said, ' Porter said. "Without that, my story never would have had the impact it has had".