Tuesday, 17 July, 2018

Mets celebrate 'homecoming' to CNY, will buy Syracuse Chiefs

The Syracuse Chiefs hosted a rare sellout during their game against Pawtucket at NBT Bank Stadium on Friday Mets celebrate 'homecoming' to CNY, will buy Syracuse Chiefs
Kristopher Love | 11 October, 2017, 02:56

That will not only force the Nationals to find another team for their Triple-A guys but will make it a lot easier for the Mets to call players up or send them down on short notice.

It is also worth noting that while the Mets appear to be primed to bring the club's Triple-A affiliate upstate NY, the National League East ball club will also be edging out a divisional rival. Instead of a cross-country flight, players will just have to suffer through living in upstate NY for most of the year.

It was not always such a hassle to get a player from AAA to the Mets.

While the move leaves the Washington Nationals in the market looking for a new Triple-A affiliate, it was a smart one on the part of the Mets, who had a awful year when it came to player development. Given the injuries that the Mets endured this season, especially to their pitching staff, any cut down on travel would be welcomed. Under the agreement, the Chiefs will play at NBT Bank Stadium in Syracuse through at least 2025.

Governor Andrew Cuomo joined both the New York Mets and Syracuse Chiefs organizations at NBT Stadium on Tuesday to formally announce the union of the two teams.

The Mets will not be the only team with changes due to this purchase.

The Mets have spent the last five seasons with their top minor-league affiliate based in Las Vegas, which has presented problems getting players to NY in a timely manner.

NY governor Andrew Cuomo, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and local officials were on hand for the festivities.

The Mets believe its farm system will benefit from having a new Triple-A affiliate close to its home city. They just need to wait one more year.