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Ivana Trump: Scandal Cost Trump White House 20 Years Ago

Ivana Trump GMA Video Ivana Trump: Scandal Cost Trump White House 20 Years Ago
Melinda Barton | 11 October, 2017, 03:50

"This young blonde woman approached me out of the blue and said 'I'm Marla and I love your husband".

"I don't talk about her", Ivana says in the interview released Sunday morning, in advance of the release of her book, Raising Trump.

However, the pair are now on better terms with Ivana revealing she speaks to him once a week and has urged him to carry on tweeting.

Ivana also criticizes Maples' stint past year as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, which Trump's first wife called a "disgrace".

Ivana Trump, the first wife of US President Donald Trump has said that her daughter Ivanka can run for presidency, and that she and Trump speak regularly and have a good relationship, The Guardian reported.

"I can only shake my head at how insane [the coverage of the marriage split] was".

Ivana, who is the mother of three of Donald's children, Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric was married to Trump for 15 years, from 1977 until they divorced in 1992. "She wants my absolution for her sake", adding that she's "doing just fine with my resentment, thank you very much".

In most part of the book, Ivana wrote about how she spent her childhood in Europe, her modeling career, her marriage to Trump and their divorce.

President Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump board Air Force One on June 13, 2017, to travel to Milwaukee, Wis.

The portrait that Ivana paints of her ex-husband's paternal abilities doesn't come off "as intentionally malicious", Vanity Fair said.

"Well, she was flirting. and I think she was flirting and and she got away with it", she said.

"I turn around. And there is a blond, blue-eyed guy". After divorcing his first wife, Trump married Maples in 1993.

She has mentioned glowingly about her marriage to President Donald Trump, she also mentioned her prominent role at the Trump Organization.

In her autobiographical work, she writes about not breastfeeding her children, using spanking as a form of punishment and making them keep busy routines.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the ambassadorship post.

Her children also contribute passages to the book and Ivana muses that her former husband may not be the only Trump to call the White House home.