Thursday, 19 July, 2018

Harden Can "Do Everything", But He "Is Not A Leader" - McHale

Kristopher Love | 11 October, 2017, 03:36

James Harden fired back at his former head coach after Kevin McHale declared on NBA TV this week that the Rockets superstar is "not a leader", criticism that Harden considered a sign of McHale's character. "Obviously, I got (NBA) Coach of the Year last year because of him and the other 10 guys on the team". I think (the Rockets' offseason addition of star point guard) Chris Paul is going to help him just kind of get back into just being able to hoop and play and stuff like that.

McHale's comments can be viewed as him still feeling bitter about his firing after leading the franchise to the Western Conference Finals in 2015. "Honestly. I did anything and everything he asked me to do". To go out there and downplay my name, honestly, he's never taught me anything to be a leader. "I don't normally go back and forth with guys on social media or in interviews, but I'm going to stand up for myself". You just don't go and do that. I'm not that type of person.

The pair worked together for three years in Houston, before McHale was sacked in 2015, and appeared to have a good relationship.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Harden but he isn't the type of player to get in your face and correct any issues that may be going on.

"But when you're hearing, and you're face to face, and you're telling me one thing, 'how great of a player you were, ' how lucky that he's a part of this process, and then you go back a few years later and basically say the opposite, it shows your character, shows who you really are, and I'm not that type of person".

Life here without Harden is certainly a vision that I don't even want to imagine as the Houston Rockets are so much better with him. He's been great with everything I asked.

We'll have to see but I think CP3 will be the best thing to happen to Harden's career.

Going into the 2017-18 National Basketball Association season will provide a lot of opportunities for James Harden. It will allow him to just be what he is, which is a phenomenal basketball player, (but) not trying to lead a team.

The Rockets pulled off one of several blockbuster trades of the summer, sending a package of Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley and five other players to the Clippers for perennial All-Star Chris Paul, putting two of the NBA's best five floor generals at D'Antoni's disposal. Harden made a decision to list off people that believe in his leadership skills before getting back on McHale and the nonsense involved with an old man talking smack about his former superstar. I don't operate that way.

With Mike D'Antoni as the coach, Harden found a great balance between his scoring and passing, finishing second in points (29.1) and first in assists (11.2) per game, all while making an easy transition from shooting guard to point guard. "I don't say things to somebody behind their back or tell them one thing and go on air and say another thing".