Sunday, 22 July, 2018

Girls take over the world for International Day of the Girl

Melinda Barton | 11 October, 2017, 19:13

Our theme for the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL CHILD is "FOCUSING ON THE GIRL CHILD; Striving for peace and a decent life for all on a sustainable planet".

Spinning around the occasion of International Day of Girl Child, UNICEF posted a video on its official Twitter account which will smite your senses with the most brutal realities of the world. We have to ease the financial burden on parents so that girls complete their education and take steps to fulfill their potential in their society and achieve their aspirations. This requires us to invest in daughters, as the Government of India is doing. It is only when investments in programs for girls on issues that particularly affect them, due to both their age and gender are complemented with corresponding investments in data on girls, can we make real progress towards greater accountability in domains of critical importance to them.

Millions of these 1.1 billion girls are denied opportunities and subjected to discrimination and violence, particularly those living in emergency situations.

"Irrespective of their gender, a sportsperson can overcome social, physical, and societal obstacles".

"As a sportsperson, I believe gender doesn't matter", Mithali Raj said.

"Educating girls helps reduce the rate of child marriage, disease and helps strengthen the economy by helping girls have access to higher paying jobs, be economically independent thus reducing dependency rate on family breadwinners", Matida said.

Several grim reminders why we still need International Day Of The Girl - and why that good work needs to continue 365 days of the year. "That is why the partnership is holding stakeholder engagements on ending child marriage".

Paris serves as this year's headquarters for the #GirlsTakeover movement, and the city will host the Girls' Rights Summit 2017 as well as a celebration with global leaders from all different industries.