Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

Erdogan Hints US Should Fire Turkish Ambassador over Visa Freeze

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Melinda Barton | 11 October, 2017, 15:37

Erdogan, however, said the meeting would not be held.

Some Turkish officials have long alleged a United States hand in the coup attempt on July 15 previous year, which Ankara blames on the US-based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Turkish authorities announced, without giving a reason, that a second employee of the U.S. consulate in Istanbul had been “invited” to the citys chief prosecutors office to testify, AP reported.

During his visit to Belgrade, Erdogan said Turkey no longer regarded ambassador John Bass as the U.S. representative to the country, adding that the Turkish government would not receive him on his farewell tour before leaving Ankara in the coming days, following his appointment as ambassador to Kabul.

They added that Turkey's Foreign Ministry undersecretary also spoke with the United States ambassador by phone on Sunday.

Authorities did not explain why.

TRT World's Andrew Hopkins reports.

Turkey will boycott meetings with the U.S. ambassador to Ankara as it no longer recognizes the envoy as the U.S. representative in the country, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday, stepping up a diplomatic row.

In a written statement, Ambassador John Bass said the length of the suspension would also depend on "the Turkish government's commitment to protecting our facilities and personnel here inTurkey", noting it was not a visa ban on Turkish citizens.

In response to a question about Washington's expectations from Ankara amid the showdown, Nauert said: "I think a good start would be to allow them access to their attorneys", referring to the two detained US consular employees.

The US on Monday clarified its decision to suspend non-immigrant visa operations at its diplomatic facilities in Turkey, emphasising that it only applies to the consideration of new visa applications. "Turkey is a state of law, not a tribal state".

Topuz has been linked to a number of FETO suspects, including police commissioners and former prosecutor Zekeriya Oz, a fugitive accused of attempting to overthrow the government through the use of force, said a source, speaking on condition of anonymity due to restrictions.

The U.S. Mission to Turkey has announced that it has suspended all nonimmigrant (temporary) visa processing at posts in Turkey.

The Turkish foreign ministry last week said the U.S. has no grounds to protest the arrest.