Thursday, 19 July, 2018

Don't say Love Jihad every now and then: Kerala HC

Melissa Porter | 11 October, 2017, 10:21

There are also questions about the propriety of an investigation by the NIA when the anti-terrorist body has already claimed that there is an organised radicalisation programme being implemented in Kerala. The women, however, said that they were not married as yet even after conversion to Islam. Speaking to India Today, a senior officer of the NIA said, "We have spoken to both Athiras who have said they were lured".

When the advocate for the yoga centre argued that Sruthi's marriage was a case of love jihad, the court said "Don't say love jihad in every here and there, " The Indian Express reports. The agency will also need to find evidence that the conversion was taking place to train them for terror activities.

The women, both named Athira, reportedly told NIA that they were lured and brainwashed before the conversion. "In May, the Kerala High Court" t had annulled the marriage, acting on a petition filed by her father, who claimed that Muslim organisations planned to take her overseas to get her to join the Islamic State group.

Reconverted to Hinduism, Athira alias Ayesha from Kasargod is said to have told interrogators that she was influenced by controversial televangelist and wanted accused Zakir Naik.

Athira (left), who is being interrogated by the NIA, converted to Islam after she eloped with a Muslim man to marry him. The agency said in the Nambiar case, it was alleged that Sainaba, president of women's wing of Popular Front of India, hatched a conspiracy along with 11 people to trap Nambiar.

Shafeen Jahan married Akhila Ashokan in December previous year after she converted to Islam and rechristened herself as Hadiya.

The High Court annulled the marriage and Akhila's husband Shafin Jahan moved the Supreme Court, which asked the NIA to investigate the "love jihad" case.

Hadiya's father had filed a petition with the Kerala High Court, alleging that she had been "forcibly" converted to Islam, and stating that his daughter could be taken away to Syria. The court also ordered that she be kept in the custody of her father, who had opposed the marriage.

In fact, the top court had also question the Kerala High Court how it could annul the marriage of Hadiya and Shafeen Jahan under Article 26.