Thursday, 19 July, 2018

Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Skins Leaked

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event starts tomorrow and some new skins have leaked The Overwatch Halloween Terror event starts tomorrow and some new skins have leaked
Theresa Hayes | 10 October, 2017, 00:37

Reddit user Mnemosynaut has reportedly discovered images of the new Halloween-inspired skins for Mei, Symmetra, Reaper, and Zanyatta.

Overwatch's annual Halloween Terror event is set to kick off this Tuesday, but ahead of the event's start, some of the event's themed skins have leaked. That includes new skins, sprays, emotes and profile icons.

Zenyatta's skin features a purple theme, but the highlight is that his face looks like a squid, leading many to believe it is a Cthulhu skin. Lovecraft warned readers that even to gaze upon Cthulu's form might cost them their sanity and perhaps he was onto something there; I'll go insane if I don't manage to score this sweet skin before the event ends!

According to a report from Gamespot, skins for three more characters for the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017, namely, Mei, Symmetra, and Zenyatta, were leaked on Facebook. Lastly is Mei, who dons the look of a jiangshi, or a kind of hopping vampire from Chinese folklore.

Blizzard has never been one to shy away from celebrating various festive occasions, and with Halloween around the corner, it looks like Overwatch players will have something to look forward to. The announcement was made on Twitter, including with a quick shot of two new character skins (seen above) to get fans excited, but while Blizzard usually waits until the event begins to reveal all the new items, several other skins have leaked a bit early. Here's hoping that we get some awesome unique voice lines to go along with it.