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Destiny 2: What Is Iron Banner

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Sherri Watson | 10 October, 2017, 19:22

The Faction Rallies recently held by the Tower residents of "Destiny 2" has just come to a conclusion, but Bungie looks to keep their momentum going with another event.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner - When is it?

Shores of Time was a long-time favorite of Destiny gamers, as it was one of the original maps first offered in the game's very first beta test. Like with any Destiny set, the Iron Banner gear has its own aesthetic and theme, boasting a dark green and silver tint for weapons and a Samurai look for armor. After speaking to Lord Saladin, you'll unlock an Iron Banner quest, which provides access to the Iron Banner playlist.

If Bungie is treating this Destiny 2 activity the same way they did in the first game, then you can expect this to be a monthly event.

Don't forget to visit the social space and pick up any quests or quest items you may need for the week, such as Cayde-6's treasure maps, which place chests on Nessus this week.

Loot in the Iron Banner is gained through the use of the tokens, which can be gained by successfully completing and winning matches.

Every day in the Iron Banner, you'll have brand new Milestone rewards and challenges to take on, as well as Seasonal Milestones for the long haul. As the mode is Control, you'll need to work with your teammates to co-ordinate your attacks on certain points.

The Iron Lords are hosting this next event, a gameplay addon that "Destiny 1" veterans should be familiar with. Head over to our Destiny 2 weekly reset guide to find out when the Iron Banner will go live in your region of the world, as well as all the other events that are affected by the weekly reset. The new system is now streamlined, with Iron Banner Engram now serving as rewards for a player's achievements throughout the contest. The event ends on October 17 at 5 AM ET. You earn tokens simply by participating in matches, and you can turn those into Lord Saladin in exchange for Iron Banner packages (as you would with the other vendors in the game).