Monday, 16 October, 2017

First Look at the Dinos of Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution In-Game Footage And Details Revealed At Frontier Expo 17 [Watch] Jurassic World: Evolution reveals first in-game footage in new trailer
Sherri Watson | 09 October, 2017, 19:36

It's being developed by the creators of Planet Coaster (Frontier Developments).

So if you're keen to see how Jurassic World Evolution is coming along, here's the first in-game footage. More a proof of concept that the game will feature a bunch of dinosaurs, that look lifted from the movies, that will also look good when zoomed all the way in - there aren't any glimpses of the interface or park management.

You'll have full control over the process, sending teams off to dig sites around the world, collect DNA, sequence the genome and tweak it, if you wish, before hatching dinos and sending them to the attractions in your park.

In Jurassic World Evolution, players will get to build their own version of Jurassic Park on a large scale. The footage comes from Frontier Expo, the developer's own convention, which was held several days ago in London. The video may be more exciting when framed by talk about features straight from the source, but we'll never know. They are the stars of the show after all.

Jurassic World Evolution is planned for release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One around the middle of 2018. Well, soon enough you'll be able to put yourself and your questionable safety ethics to the test in Jurassic World Evolution.