Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

Don't be silent about silencers

Congress delays vote on gun silencers after Vegas massacre Congress delays vote on gun silencers after Vegas massacre
Melissa Porter | 07 October, 2017, 02:51

Democrats are renewing calls for gun safety legislation after Sunday's deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas, but their pleas are falling on deaf ears in the Republican-controlled Congress.

"There's no doubt this incident will spark a fierce debate about gun laws in America", said Alexander P. Roubian, president of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, a pro-gun rights group.

"What I don't think you want your government to do is to lurch toward reactions before even having all the facts", Ryan said. The truth, per the ATF, is that suppressors are nearly never used in gun crimes for obvious reasons - they make the gun heavier and harder to hide and they don't actually "silence" anything.

Mass shootings represent one percent of gun casualties in America, he claimed and said murders with 10 or more victims have doubled since an assault weapon ban expired. She authored an assault weapons ban that was in place for a decade before expiring in 2004, and said she had been considering trying to reintroduce that more sweeping legislation, as she's done unsuccessfully after past mass shootings, including the one at Sandy Hook elementary school in CT. "Right now we're focused on passing our budget".

"The rule is meant to make it a bit easier for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to flag those with severe mental illness while doing a background check on a firearm purchase", Lopez writes.

Senator Chris Murphy talks with Rachel Maddow about resistance in Congress to doing anything to prevent any future gun massacre in the United States and where he sees the possibility of progress on gun restriction legislation. But they have said another controversial accessory was found at the scene: a "bump stock", which can allow a legal semiautomatic rifles to fire as rapidly as more heavily restricted fully automatic weapons can.

The Democrats, while supporting efforts to boost mental health care, say they're no substitute for tougher gun laws.

Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., told reporters Monday night the bill was going to be voted upon next week, but after the shooting in Vegas that killed 59 people, "who knows now", The Hill reported.

In the House it was also almost a party-line vote as well, with just two Republicans voting against it and six Democrats voting for it. So why are Democrats like Hillary Clinton laser-focused on them? A bipartisan bill on background checks failed in the Senate four years ago, and since then Republicans have usually pointed to mental health legislation when questioned about the appropriate congressional response to gun violence. Tim Murphy's (R-PA) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX), which codified Medicaid coverage for inpatient mental health coverage, mental health education programs and grants. "That law is now being implemented", Ryan said. ". Mental health reform is a critical ingredient to making sure that we can try to prevent some of these things from happening". "But I think right now, it's just that humility - thoughts and prayers to those folks that were affected, both those that are here and those that are gone".

"There's time in the coming weeks to find those answers and do those sorts of things that we need to do and see what lessons are learned", he said.