Thursday, 24 January, 2019

Twitter is testing a native version of its Twitter Lite mobile website

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Sherri Watson | 25 September, 2017, 11:33

Twitter is testing a new, lightweight app for countries with the slow or expensive internet.

The app is available on the Google Play Store, however, if you're not browsing from the Philippines, you will most likely not be able to download it from there.

The Twitter Lite app allows users to turn on a "data saver mode" which only downloads the images or videos that they choose to see. The app too has been designed specifically to consume less mobile data, while delivering nearly similar performance as the main Twitter app.

Twitter Lite is a native app version of the company's mobile website of the same name. In terms of size, Twitter Lite is only 3MB, and won't consume too much of your hardware resources.

Twitter is late to the party, as Facebook had released a "Lite" version of their platform in 2015 and YouTube Go - YouTube's lite version - was announced last year and released in beta this year.

The San Francisco-based social media firm now has a user base of 319 million users, which is lower than that of Facebook at 1.9 billion, but announcing support for a Lite version of Twitter might help them boost those numbers.

At the moment, the app has been rolled out on a limited basis, as it's only available in the Philippines and runs on devices with Android 5.0 or above. According to the company, the new app will save up to 70% overall data.

According to Android Headlines, Twitter Lite is now listed on the Play Store. It appears that the company also has a Twitter Lite Android app in the pipeline. It requires less mobile data to work. "Twitter Lite helps to overcome these barriers to usage for Twitter in the Philippines".

Twitter has stated that the Philippines rollout is just an "experiment" for the app, and that it has no plans just yet to bring it to other countries. Of course, loads of them because you can still interact with your friends, access live scores, market your business, view your Timeline, the Explore Tab, Messages, Notification, and customize your profile to suit your taste.