Sunday, 19 August, 2018

Nvidia drops Shield TV pricing to compete against Apple TV 4K

Above Nvdia's Shield TV Above Nvdia's Shield TV
Sherri Watson | 22 September, 2017, 03:10

So while the price drop makes for some nice competition, it may not be low enough to turn the Shield TV into the most compelling option for people just getting into 4K.

While in direct competition with the Apple TV 4K, the Shield TV boasts Dolby Atmos surround sound, which Apple says will come to its device in a future update but now is missing from its feature list.

The newest configuration of the SHIELD TV will sell for $179, which is the same price as Apple's latest streaming box. With the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, however, it would have been a better choice had the manufacturer reduced the price even further to warrant additional encouragement.

The Shield TV is one of our favourite Android TV streaming devices, thanks to its incredible versatility and impressive video and gaming features. That first generation is still available from NVIDIA as the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro.

Preorders for the new SHIELD TV bundle are live today, and it will officially be shipping on October 18th. For starters, you will still get 16GB of onboard storage and unlike the $200 product where you will also get a gaming controller, you will only get a remote control with this bundle.

It's a bit odd that there's only a $20 difference here given that the gamepad controller itself costs $60. Those that find that they'd actually like to have the gaming controller later will end up paying a cool $60. The buyers of the new version will still get the Shield Remote. That's also $179 from Apple - that's for the Apple TV 4K, the first Apple TV to be capable of providing media at a size larger than 1080p.