Tuesday, 17 July, 2018

United Nations envoy slams North Korea's 'reckless' behavior

Haley UN’s Israel Bashing Slowing Down Under Trump Administration			AP  Seth Wenig		by Breitbart Jerusalem18 Sep 20170		18 Sep 2017		18 Sep 2017 Haley UN’s Israel Bashing Slowing Down Under Trump Administration AP Seth Wenig by Breitbart Jerusalem18 Sep 20170 18 Sep 2017 18 Sep 2017
Melinda Barton | 21 September, 2017, 13:12

The United States will continue to call on all countries to do everything possible to address the issue, McMaster added.

After Pyongyang conducted its first missile launch since the United Nations had imposed new sanctions on North Korea, the USA president's national security adviser reiterated that a military solution to the problem is still on the table. But, he said, "that's where the rockets are coming from".

"For those.who have been commenting on a lack of a military option, there is a military option", McMaster said Friday.

Speaking at Joint Base Andrews, the Air Force installation outside Washington, Trump on Friday declared that the military options were robust should they be required to respond to threats from Pyongyang, reports CNN.

Some doubt that Kim would ever agree to surrender his arsenal.

We've passed two resolutions on North Korea just in the last month. Dianne Feinstein of California, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. And there's little sign that talks involving the U.S., North Korea and other interested countries can be arranged amid the nearly weekly barrage of weapons tests and threats, let alone stop the North's determined nuclear march.

Feinstein said that a freeze of both its nuclear program and missile arsenal, rather than ending them, would be more palatable to North Korea and to China, who fears the USA goal is toppling Kim.

Ambassador Nikki Haley concurred, suggesting that this week's United Nations sanctions were the last shot at sanctioning North Korea, and while they intend to wait awhile to see if they are effective, and after that it would be a matter for the Pentagon to handle.

Trump also says long gas lines are forming in North Korea, calling it "too bad". But the North has ignored countless worldwide reproaches previously.

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said North Korea was starting to "feel the pinch".

"I think it's a signal that the USA takes the General Assembly much less seriously than it did under President Obama", said Gowan.

In her interview on CNN, Haley said Trump would not want to harm an investigation but was "emotional and passionate" about what happened in the UK. "And we all know that, and none of us want that". "But we also have to look at the fact that you are dealing with someone who is being reckless, irresponsible and is continuing to give threats not only to the United States, but to all their allies, so something is going to have to be done".

-McMaster said "the president's ears are open" to possible participation in a new global climate agreement that addresses his concerns about the original 2015 deal, when Barack Obama was president.

She previewed Trump's upcoming speech to the body of world leaders to reporters at a White House briefing Friday afternoon.

Trump will discuss the North Korea crisis over lunch with the leaders of South Korea and Japan.