Thursday, 19 July, 2018

Homeowners Return To Florida Keys Following Hurricane Irma

Homeowners Return To Florida Keys Following Hurricane Irma Homeowners Return To Florida Keys Following Hurricane Irma
Melinda Barton | 19 September, 2017, 14:10

Scott said he hopes to have tourists return to the island chain by October 1.

She advises anyone re-entering the county to understand that medical services, food, water and electricity are extremely limited. Schools may not be able to reopen in the Florida Keys until nearly the end of the month.

Large numbers of people in the badly-damaged Keys are still in the dark, with almost 30 percent of homes and businesses in Monroe County without power.

Rotaries in South Florida were not alone in efforts to help the Keys.

"We've got a long road to go, we've got activity that will be occurring here on the recovery side for months", Price said at a news conference.

"Right now, we just need you to get out of the way and let us get this place back to where it needs to be", he said.

The storm came ashore on Cudjoe Key on September 10, battering the island chain and wrecking boats, homes and businesses throughout Monroe County.

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation on Monday released preliminary claims data that shows that more than 335,000 claims have already filed since the storm ripped across the state.

"You want to come back to power", he said.

"Walking away from a boat - that is one of my family's main source of income - is very hard to (do), especially when you secure all your property and everything else knowing that you may not see it again", Barr told the TV station this week. The monster storm flattened mobile homes and flooded houses, leaving hundreds of people homeless and hungry, and waiting for relief in the stifling Florida heat.

"We were every fortunate, there wasn't really any damages to our offices", Monroe Chief Assistant State Attorney Mark Wilson said. In the lower Keys and Key West, it remains from dusk until dawn.

More than 14,000 out 16,000-plus customers were without power in the Lower Keys on Saturday afternoon, according to Keys Energy Services, which provides service from Big Pine Key to Key West. Florida Power & Light serves less than 100 customers in the Keys, reporting only 10 there remain without power.

Large numbers of people in the badly-damaged Florida Keys as well as those in southwest Florida are still in the dark.

For people arrested after the storm, there have been some initial court hearings held via phone from the main jail. "If we catch people looting, committing theft or burglary, price gouging or committing fraud of any kind, we will do everything we can put the offenders in jail".

The Upper Keys, which include Key Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada, have started to bounce back more quickly than the Middle and Lower Keys, likely owing to their distance from Irma's eye and proximity to the mainland.