Friday, 20 October, 2017

Final Fantasy IX PS4 version confirmed, out now in Japan

Final Fantasy IX Has Been Rated for PlayStation 4 in Europe Final Fantasy IX Might be Heading to PS4 After Rating Shows Up in Europe
Theresa Hayes | 19 September, 2017, 14:32

While no official announcement has been made yet this implies that Final Fantasy IX will appear at some point in the PlayStation Store, similar to Final Fantasy VII.

In the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Tokyo Game Show 2017 trailer, Square Enix and Team Ninja confirmed that Noctis will be joining the character roster in time for the game's PlayStation 4 release.

Also revealed were new battle rules, offering players a variety of challenges, as well as a newly refined HUD. If that's true, it would most likely be a new port of the previously-released PC version of the game, or perhaps something more. As Square Enix trundles through, slowly remastering or remaking their back catalogue, a 1:1 re-release is the lowest hanging fruit.

Yes, you read that right. I could agree with that if the game didn't totally lose its way on the last disc, but it remains one of the best Final Fantasy games in the series without a doubt. Players will be able to choose a character and participate in either story mode or other modes, which include online battles against other players.

It's big, it's attractive, and it's as clever as it is deep.

Square Enix has since officially announced that Final Fantasy IX will be making its way onto the PS4. Today. That's worth celebrating.