Thursday, 19 April, 2018

Paul Ryan To Convene Ad Hoc DACA Working Group Of GOP Legislators

Melinda Barton | 17 September, 2017, 16:59

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday that an outline for the overhaul of the nation's tax code will be released the week of September 25.

The fate of 800,000 young immigrants hung in the balance as top lawmakers, White House officials and President Donald Trump himself squabbled over whether an agreement had been struck to protect them - and if so, exactly what it was. So far it has been a struggle, with differences emerging within the party over how low they can push tax rates and which deductions might have to be eased or eliminated.

"We moved our bill with the White House and the Senate then took months and months to work on another version and never got it passed, we don't want to repeat that again", said Ryan. Even so, the question of whether tax cuts should be balanced with other budget savings to avoid worsening deficits has often caused tensions within the GOP.

The outline will represent a consensus between the two tax-writing committees in Congress, the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee, and the Trump administration, Ryan said.

All year, Democrats have insisted that they will block any legislation that contains funding for a wall along the length of the USA border with Mexico, a top Trump campaign goal that many Republicans in Congress also do not support.

Ryan agreed with Trump that border security provisions would need to be a part of a DACA deal.

The Wisconsin Republicans says an AP Newsmakers interview that he wanted the White House to provide time for a legislative fix because he didn't want the program "to be rescinded on Day One and create chaos".

Cuellar said Trump urged lawmakers to link a Republican bill to cut legal immigration to the United States with protections for Dreamers.

President Donald Trump ended DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, on September 5, and delayed the expiration date of the first recipients' work permits for six months. DACA has extended temporary work permits and deportation protection to almost 800,000 younger immigrants brought to the minors.

He says deporting those covered by the program is "not in our nation's interest".

After months of disarray and confusion at the White House, Ryan said its operations have been getting better lately.

"I don't think the president actually understands what he's saying half the time", Gallego said.

"This was something that the president talked about on the campaign trail, of being a good deal-maker and being able to sit down with members of both sides", said White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, of Trump's new appetite to working with Democrats.