Sunday, 15 July, 2018

Angry UKIP Lord: Boris Johnson Does Not Understand The EU

One of Bombardier’s C Series planes which are part-made in Belfast One of Bombardier’s C Series planes which are part-made in Belfast
Melinda Barton | 17 September, 2017, 15:09

Some Tories said the timing of Mr Johnson's intervention also suggested an attempt at undermining Mrs May: It came just six days before the Prime Minister delivers what is expected to be a major speech in Florence next Friday.

The Foreign Secretary even has the gall to dredge up the fantasy of £350 million a week extra for the NHS.

The Home Secretary said she did not think Mr Johnson's article was a leadership bid and said her Cabinet colleague added "enthusiasm, energy, and sometimes entertainment". The Foreign secretary has desmarado with its own manifesto of 4,000 words in pages of influential conservative daily The Daily Telegraph, become for a day in something like The Boris Telegraph.

The article was seen by some as a bid my Mr Johnson to reignite his hopes of leading the Conservative Party.

"I haven't got time for the rest of it", she said.

The blueprint differs from the one set out by other Cabinet ministers, including the chancellor, who have stressed the need to remain close to the single market and potentially pay for access. The Prime Minister must spell out now how this will be paid for, or stand condemned for once again trying to mislead the British public.

"This country will succeed in our new national enterprise, and will succeed mightily", he wrote.

Boris Johnson has been accused of "back-seat driving" Brexit negotiations after he set out his vision for Britain's future in a lengthy article widely seen as a challenge to Theresa May's leadership.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, this morning she clarified: 'What I meant by that is I don't want him managing the Brexit process'.

He said: "It's good ministers have stopped threatening to use our collective security as a Brexit bargaining chip, but this proposal is deeply muddled".

Seeking to paint Brexit as positive for the United Kingdom economy as it shows signs of weakening, Johnson said quitting the European Union would allow the government to strike new trade deals, revamp the tax system, reboot infrastructure projects, advance science and improve access to housing.

But as the furore raged, Mr Johnson insisted in a tweet he was "looking forward to PM's Florence speech".

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson has revived the £350m figure which featured so prominently in the run-up to the European Union referendum past year, as Leave campaigners claimed that was the sum which would be saved per week by quitting the European Union and could be spent on the NHS.

"All behind Theresa for a glorious Brexit", he added.