Wednesday, 16 January, 2019

Trump says John Kelly doing 'great job' as chief of staff

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								        			By Jared Holt Mark Taylor Trump Fired Bannon So He Could Fulfill God’s Prophecy To Destroy The News Media By Jared Holt
Stacy Diaz | 02 September, 2017, 04:27

President Donald Trump and some of his friends are growing frustrated by the restrictions and discipline imposed by new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, prompting some Trump loyalists to nickname him "the church lady", The Washington Post reported on August 31. Unfortunately for Kelly, Trump reportedly can not stop playing with his old friends - most notably Steve Bannon.

Trump says John Kelly is "doing a great job as Chief of Staff" and says he "could not be happier or more impressed". In particular, Trump is unhappy with the way Kelly's role managing Trump is covered in the media and has tried to counter that narrative, the Post reported.

In a new Washington Post piece detailing the mood in the White House as a tumultuous summer comes to an end, the president is described as fuming for not getting enough credit from the media, with those close to Trump complaining about his tendency to lash out. With Kelly in the White House, those phone calls are routed through Kelly first, and Trump friends must make official appointments in order to visit the Oval Office.

According to the Post, however, Mr. Trump is bristling at Kelly's way of doing things, which includes acting like a gatekeeper to a president who hadn't had one. "He doesn't like how Kelly's handling him", a friend told the paper. Trump misses the early days of his presidency, when the door of the Oval Office was always open and the most historic room in the nation was swirling with visitors' gossip. "He's turning on people that are very close to him". Kelly, however, demurred and stayed to the back of the stage.

And some of Trump's friends fear that the short-tempered president is on an inevitable collision course with White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly.

Stone went on to say that Kelly would not be successful in trying to impose discipline on Mr. Trump. "Donald Trump is a free spirit".