Tuesday, 17 July, 2018

McConnell, Mnuchin talk tax reform, debt ceiling in Louisville

With Trump the Abnormal Is the New Normal McConnell, Mnuchin talk tax reform, debt ceiling in Louisville
Melinda Barton | 22 August, 2017, 01:17

Mnuchin has said the Treasury can keep paying bills through September.

The Senate majority leader told the Louisville Chamber of Commerce that "most news is not fake", putting himself directly against Trump's much-repeated claims of "fake news" for stories he does not view favorably.

The White House is calling for a clean debt ceiling bill, arguing that it's a nonpartisan issue lawmakers need to pass to ensure the country maintains the best credit possible. And we can not put the credit of the United States on the line. "America is not going to default and we'll get the job done in conjunction with the Secretary of Treasury". "So when we get back after Labor Day we'll have to sit down and talk to them and see what the way forward might be". "We are the major economy of the world". "We need to be able to pay our debts".

Mnuchin said he would be visiting the site in Kentucky in part to personally attest that the gold is part of the national assets.

Mnuchin said changing the tax code would help create growth, which would help low-income families.

LOUISVILLE - For just the third time in history a U.S. Treasury Secretary will step foot inside Fort Knox and check on around $200 billion in gold bullion stashed there. "I assume the gold is still there".

"There are a couple of services I look at before I leave home every morning".

In a more lighthearted question, McConnell was asked by a GLI member where he consumed his news in an era defined by accusations of "fake news". "Everything from the New York Times to off-beat publications that have sort of niche audiences".

"I try not to fall in love with any particular source", he submitted.