Friday, 14 December, 2018

WHEN DOES IT END? Another Coalition Minister Reveals Her Dual Citizenship

Sixth Australian politician declares dual nationality WHEN DOES IT END? Another Coalition Minister Reveals Her Dual Citizenship
Melinda Barton | 17 August, 2017, 16:18

The dual citizenship debacle tearing apart the Nationals has spread to Deputy Leader Fiona Nash who has told parliament she is a dual British citizen.

Nash joins a slew of parliamentarians now embroiled in citizenship scandals, like sitting members, her fair leader, Barnaby Joyce; the LNP's Matthew 'my mum applied for my Italian citizenship for me' Canavan; and One Nation "believer" Malcolm Roberts; as well as vanquished former Greens senators, Ludders and Larissa Waters.

Like Mr Joyce, Senator Nash vowed to stay on as a minister, citing legal advice the government had received.

Nash entered parliament as a Nationals senator for New South Wales in 2005.

Shortly after Ludlam's resignation, former Greens senator Larissa Waters discovered she was a dual citizen with Canada.

A caseworker advised her she "was of the view" that she was a British citizen by descent through her Scottish-born father.

Senator Nash, who was born in Sydney in 1965, said she had been raised by her mother.

She told Senate she had little contact with her father and was told she was not a dual citizen.

"My understanding since early childhood was that in order to be a dual British citizen, I would need to apply for it".

The revelation comes days after Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce revealed he was a New Zealand "citizen by descent".

Nash will be the fifth politician at the mercy of the High Court, along with her two Coalition colleagues and two Greens senators who resigned last month.

Ms Nash is the latest in a string of Australian MPs who have been found to be dual citizens.

The Australian Constitution prohibits dual citizens from sitting in Parliament.

She met with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Thursday and says she will refer herself to the High Court but won't stand aside as deputy leader.

Senator Canavan, a dual Italian citizen, has quit the ministry and will not vote in the Senate until his case is resolved.

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