Thursday, 18 January, 2018

Nintendo faces patent infringement lawsuit over its Switch console controllers

Best Buy Restocks Nintendo Switch on Sunday Nintendo faces patent infringement lawsuit over its Switch console controllers
Sherri Watson | 15 August, 2017, 00:55

New images from the Nintendo Europe website servers have surfaced, and they indicate at least two Nintendo GameCube games may be re-releasing.

One of the most anticipated functions for Switch is undoubtedly its Virtual Console; however, Nintendo has not revealed how this service will be available for its new console. Though the Switch bogs Severed down just a touch with its quirks as a device, DrinkBox Studios' brief adventure is still one of the best mobile titles out there and deserving of all its 2016 accolades.

Congrats to GameStop for being able to offer up Nintendo Switch systems.

Soderlund has reason to want to see EA games on the platform, as he's also a big fan of it. So you'll be waiting a bit, but, yes, you'll be guaranteed a Nintendo Switch.

EA has stated that its future support of the Nintendo Switch will hinge upon sales of Federation Internationale de Football Association 18, with the company's executive vice president noting that "it's a matter of resources" whether or not more EA games will launch on the console.

Gamevice is a firm, which makes video game controllers that can be attached to tablets and smartphones. If it gets to that point, where Gamevice wins the settlement, what is to come of the Switch? Gamevice believes that Nintendo infringed upon its own design with the Switch and looking at the comparisons between the Switch and its "Wikipad", you can kind of see why it's concerned. Gamevice is, therefore, calling on the courts to have Nintendo stop producing its Joy-Cons, plus an award of damages.

So far, the Switch has sold nearly 5 million units. This customization options leans more towards accessories with the Nintendo Switch system, rather than the system itself. This title won't be coming to the Switch, but hopefully the unannounced games that Bandai Namco has in store for Switch are of a similar level of quality.

"We know a bunch of analysts are saying it sells 16, 20, a 100 lifetime units or more".