Wednesday, 18 July, 2018

Mom Says Hospital's Negligence Made Her Accidentally Smother Newborn

Jacob Thompson was four days old when he died THOMPSON FAMILY DIEGO CONDE Jacob Thompson was four days old when he died
Melissa Porter | 12 August, 2017, 04:22

Monica Thompson, 42, claims staff at Southeast Portland hospital put four-day-old son Jacob in bed with her in the middle of the night so she could breastfeed him, leaving her unsupervised while heavily medicated with painkillers and sleeping aids. Three days after his birth, he was taken to a nursery so his mother could rest and be discharged.

Earlier that night she had been given "narcotic painkillers and sleep aids" by nurses at the Portland Adventist Medical Center in the state of OR, her lawsuit states.

According to court documents, Mrs Thompson woke up an hour after nurses had left the baby with her, finding him unresponsive in her arms. ". She poked him and talked to him with no reaction".

"When no nurse came to help, Mrs. Thompson carried her son to the hallway and frantically yelled for help", according to the lawsuit. When doctors there determined he'd suffered catastrophic brain damage and would not regain consciousness, he was removed from life support, according to Conde.

The lawsuit, seeking $8.6 million, says the hospital was negligent for medicating Thompson, putting Jacob in bed with her without supervision, and not having clear policies on the dangers that the combination could create.

Because of that, Monica believes the hospital owes his estate $3 million in damages, and she is owed an additional $8 million for the severe emotional distress, severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety and prolonged grief disorder the incident caused her.

The suit also says that when the doctors performed CPR on Jacob, they broke his ribs which can "cause substantial pain".

The Portland Adventist Medical Center said in a statement: "This was a tragic event and our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family".

Since the death of her son Monica Thompson has given birth to a daughter. She says she is sharing her story

Adding, 'My firstborn and only son.

Kristi Spurgeon Johnson, a spokeswoman for Portland Adventist Medical Center, told The Oregonian this week the hospital could not comment on the lawsuit until the hospital had a chance to review it.

Monica Thompson, 42, gave birth to a healthy baby boy via C-section on August 2 in 2012. "I am sharing our story in the hopes that no mother or family will ever have to suffer through a preventable tragedy such as this".

[Photo: Facebook/Handout]"Jacob suffocated under his mother while she was under the influence of narcotics and sleep aids", the lawsuit claimed. The newborn suffocated under his mother after she fell asleep while nursing him.

He died six days later.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies are put to sleep on their back for every sleep, whether it's a nap or at night time.

They then allegedly left the baby and drowsy mother unattended.