Monday, 16 October, 2017

LG Unveils V30 Smartphone Featuring an F1.6 Aperture Camera

The LG V30 might get a powerful Plus version LG V30 with World's Largest Smartphone Lens Represents Game Changer for Small Marketers
Sherri Watson | 12 August, 2017, 19:25

It's just a matter of few weeks when LG will be unveiling its next flagship smartphone, but a new report hints that the LG V30 might not be the only variant to be officially launched at the event. It will be going head to head with rival Samsung that day, which is also when the Galaxy Note 8 will hit the market in the country. According to a report by etnews the company will bring two storage variant of the phones.

LG will finally unveil the LG V30 on August 31 during IFA 2017, but it will not be the only LG smartphone that will be announced at the event.

Even with all these improvements, the rear camera module of the LG V30 still manages to remain svelte, 30 percent smaller in size compared to the V20.

But LG isn't a pro at this game like Samsung. As reported by ET News (Korea), the devices will have some differences, like the LG V30 will come with 64GB of internal storage as opposed to LG V30 Plus' 128GB internal storage. We'll just have to wait and find out how this one turns out.

The LG V30 might get a powerful Plus version

LG recently detailed the camera that will be included with the V30, one that packs an f/1.6 aperture for allowing more light to reach the sensor.

The LG V30 can also have a "bezel-less" display similar to the LG G6, but is likely to feature the signature secondary display.

As shown in the blueprints of the leaked images of the LG V30 camera phone, the handset has a more polished body than any other mobile phone models of the brand LG off lately. While the LG V30 is pegged to have a price of $700, the LG V30 Plus will cost about $875. The V30 Plus will apparently only be launching in South Korea, with the report not indicating if an worldwide launch is even being considered. That being said, the V30 will also have to go some way in improving on the design, which I felt took a step back a year ago with the big and chunky V20. While there are many factors worth considering, but the spec-sheet says a lot about the phone and its value for money. The device manufacturer has reportedly made a decision to opt for an OLED screen, that is believed to be necessary to support virtual reality experiences.