Wednesday, 18 July, 2018

How to watch the solar eclipse safely

Local Eye Clinic Warns Public About Potential Fake Eclipse Glasses How to watch the solar eclipse safely
Melissa Porter | 12 August, 2017, 02:52

NASA officials and the American Astronomical Society verified five manufacturers making solar eclipse glasses that meet all glasses standards - American Paper Optics, Baader Planetarium - AstroSolar Silver and Gold film only, Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks Optical and TSE 17.

We are just 10 days away from the first total solar eclipse in nearly 100 years.

"If you were to look at the sun, what we usually see is damage to the macular of the retina, which is the center vision part of the eye".

If you're buying the glasses online, perhaps on Amazon, choose from the list of reputable vendors above and watch out for fakes.

DIY eclipse viewers were discouraged by the AAS because of the safety risks.

"It's so risky for people to look at the sun even for brief periods of time because you can cause permanent damage to the retina - we call it solar retinopathy and it's really very close to burning a hole in the retina", said Van Gelder. One can look into the sky at the eclipsed sun with them, if one is careful.

Leonard Bates was nine years old when he saw his first eclipse and the 80-year-old made his own viewer instead of using solar glasses.

If you've already purchased a pair of specs, AAS has a tip for testing them out.

To catch the entire eclipse, you'll need to travel to the Carolinas, otherwise you can catch 74 percent of the sun get covered by the moon in CNY. "It's very exciting for them and they want to take the eye protection off", said Van Gelder.

No matter how you see it, this eclipse can change your perspective.

"We had three patients who stared at the sun and they lost partial vision", Dr. Cannon said that was from the last eclipse.

The total solar eclipse is going to be a BIG DEAL that millions of people will watch - and for good reason!

As eclipse glasses sell out at retailers across the U.S., customers are panicking as they realize that their glasses may not arrive in time for the once-in-a-lifetime event.