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Crash at CT airport kills instructor, injures 2

Crash at CT airport kills instructor, injures 2 Crash at CT airport kills instructor, injures 2
Melinda Barton | 12 August, 2017, 22:23

One man is dead and two other people have been injured after a small four-seater plane carrying three people crashed at a small airport in New Milford, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. He was transported to Danbury Hospital.

"We're not able to talk about it", she said.

New Milford Police said it could be months before they have answers. Lee Grabner. "All he could say was that he was in a plane crash, is all he could really articulate to us".

"The airplane, as far as we know, had been airborne for about an hour at the time of the accident", said Ralph Hicks, a Senior Air Safety Investigator with the NTSB.

They said the plane may have landed in New Milford before taking off to return to Danbury. "They also work with Danbury Airport".

"Generally if they're turned on they collect data from the flight".

Examining the registration numbers, Eyewitness News found that it appears the plane belongs to Arrow Aviation.

Arrow Aviation is the same company that owns the plane involved in the deadly plane crash in Danbury, July 30. Police say the person who died at the scene was the instructor and another person suffered "very critical" injuries. "I am alarmed by the number of small plane crashes that have claimed lives in recent months and years in CT".

There have been a number of small plane crashes in CT this year.

Two men were killed in East Windsor roughly two weeks before that. A 57-year-old flight instructor, Anthony Morasco of New Milford, perished in the plane crash.