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County to spray for mosquitos in Carlisle Monday

2014 0705 mosquito County to spray for mosquitos in Carlisle Monday
Melinda Barton | 12 August, 2017, 20:30

Dr. David Holcombe with the Office of Public Health says the virus is transmitted by household mosquitos that are common in Louisiana.

The first positive specimen of West Nile Virus this season has been found in Kent County.

The Bayfield County Health Department reports two dead crows in Bayfield County - one found last week in Red Cliff and the other in Barnes -tested positive for West Nile virus. "We will not be able to completely eradicate West Nile virus from the mosquito population, but we can reduce human transmission and save lives".

"With confirmation that West Nile virus is in the community, everyone needs to follow the recommendations for protecting yourself from mosquito bites", said Adi Pour, the county's health director. Stagnant water sitting in buckets, clogged rainspouts, toys, unattended swimming pools, etc., can quickly become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

West Nile virus has made its way into Wilmington and west-central Kent County.

The health department noted in a press release, in all uppercase type, THIS IS NOT A HUMAN CASE.

West Nile virus infections in humans have been reported from June through October. Symptoms of more severe illness can also include changes in mental status and muscle weakness.