Tuesday, 17 October, 2017

Chennai police register case against 'Vijay fans' for trolling woman journalist

Journalists seek action on trolling of colleague Should stars speak up?
Stacy Diaz | 12 August, 2017, 16:50

Vijay's fans then descended on Dhanya's timeline, to abuse her with sexually coloured remarks, issue rape threats, and drag in her family and friends for "insulting" their favourite actor. The senior journalist had reportedly criticised one of Vijay's movies and said that she had to walk out of the cinema hall, given the disappointment she had pertaining to the same.

"I respect women greatly". Right after a week, actor Vijay issued an official statement that everyone has the right to criticize a film. Isn't it? Or should we ask a film critic to limit his/her opinion to herself and never ever comment on how an actor fared at the box office?

Meanwhile, actor Vijay, now shooting for his film "Mersal", said everybody had a right to criticise films.

The City Police Commissioner A.K. Viswanathan on Tuesday assured women journalists of strong action against a number of persons who trolled a woman journalist and others who spoke in her defence, for an innocuous comment on a Hindi film comparing it with a Tamil film that was made seven years ago. I believe no women should be spoken of in a demeaning way no matter what happens. "Everyone has to praise womanhood".

He also added, "I request that nobody should share hurtful and wrong views about women on social media."
But after getting almost 63,000 abuse tweets, she had to complain to the police. Chinmayi Sripaada, who filed a similar complaint against online bullies and harassers back in 2012, took to social media to express her views on this. These acts to strangulate the freedom of expression, especially of a woman journalist in Chennai is highly deplorable and condemnable. Ms Rajendran posted a tweet welcoming Vijay's statement.