Saturday, 16 December, 2017

Xbox One Acheivements System Will Be Getting "Fundamental Changes" Says Microsoft

Xbox Insider Program now open to all rings get new names Xbox One Acheivements System Will Be Getting "Fundamental Changes" Says Microsoft
Sherri Watson | 11 August, 2017, 19:15

But with all these options, Xbox got a little slow and cluttered.

To clarify these changes, we're renaming preview Ring 3 and Ring 4.

One downside to these games is that they won't contain online multiplayer or Achievements, as those features could impede on the ecosystem that Microsoft oversees with anything on its platforms. Since achievements (sort of) achieved global popularity during the Xbox 360 era, however, we've seen them drastically dip in popularity as things like competitive ranking systems have become more popular across the world.

There are flexible levels of access to the Xbox One Insider Program now, and the base one is called Omega.

In the official statement, Mike Ybarra also said that other "big updates" will be released by the end of the year. This process gives developers a better understanding of how different sets of users experience new features, when introduced. This means if you're concerned with bandwidth usage or the frequency of updates, you can simply move to a lower ring whenever you'd like.

Xbox One is a great console but can also do more than that. The highest up in the hierarchy is the prestigious Alpha level, which is pretty hard to reach, but not impossible if you stay focused and you're devoted to doing it. A few months later, Microsoft relaunched its Xbox One Preview program into the Xbox Insider program with a structure that is similar to what is now.

The Creators Collection games will be in their own subsection of the Xbox marketplace so you won't have to sift through them if you don't want to.

As it is, your Gamerscore doesn't discriminate between your favorite games and anything else you've played. Until now, the Xbox One Insider Program was, as its name implied, quite an elitist club.

Building your game utilizing UWP and Xbox Live SDK, and for that, you can use the tools you're already using - Visual Studio, game engines like Unity, Construct 2, MonoGame and Xenko - and combine them with a retail Xbox One console and your Dev Center account. It's easy to get started!