Saturday, 16 December, 2017

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Unveils Watch Tab For Its Video Shows

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Sherri Watson | 11 August, 2017, 16:57

"Watch" will be available on mobile, on desktop and laptop and in our TV apps", Daniel Danker, Director of Product at Facebook wrote in a blog post on Wednesday. Every show has a comment section, where users can discuss new updates in detail and find new friends.

In an apparent bid to take on Google-owned YouTube, Facebook has rolled out "Watch" - a redesigned video platform for creators and publishers.

All the while the Watchlist will be used to ensure users don't miss shows they like - with the latest episodes appearing in the Watchlist once a show has been "followed".

One benefit of Facebook's Watch is that people can watch videos from all of their devices.

In a bid to further its push into the world of original content, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has unveiled a new tab called "Watch" that will be exclusively dedicated to video viewing.

Watching videos on Facebook has the fabulous power to connect people, discover videos through friends and bring communities together.

But Espelien wonders whether Facebook users will tap (or click) the Watch tab when with another tap of the finger they can "click over to Hulu or Netflix or whatever". Based on the user's preferences, the new video tab will offer a customised variety of shows and what their friends are watching. Content creators can create sets of live or recorded episodes that follow a theme or storyline.

Some of the shows that will be initially available on Facebook Watch are Tastemade's Kitchen Little, Nas Daily, Gabby Bernstein, Nat Geo WILD's Safari Live, The Dodo's Comeback Kids, Tommy Mac and more. The idea is to let people find videos and series they like, keep up with them as new episodes air, and interact with other fans in the process. Also, Facebook will open up the platform to a limited group of creators and will then roll it out to all soon after.

Many tech giants are eyeing the lucrative market of original programming. On the platform, they can find an audience, build communities, and monetise their work. That's why previous year we launched the Video tab in the USA, which offered a predictable place to find videos on Facebook. Like YouTube, Facebook also Watch publishers to earn revenue on their content, using the same 45/55 revenue split. Watch is basically the redesigned Video tab which is already available to US users.