Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Babe actor James Cromwell has been arrested again at SeaWorld

Babe actor James Cromwell has been arrested again at SeaWorld Babe actor James Cromwell has been arrested again at SeaWorld
Theresa Hayes | 27 July, 2017, 20:31

She had been under 24-hour watch and had been hand fed to supplement her nutrition, according to SeaWorld.

Kyara was born in April at SeaWorld San Antonio and spent her short life there.

SeaWorld's orca program has been widely criticized after several high profile incidents involving its killer whales.

According to SeaWorld, the exact cause of Kyara's death could only be ascertained following a full post-mortem exam, which may take some weeks to be completed. Whales and dolphins often contract pneumonia, both while living in wilderness and while being kept in facilities.

The last whale to be born in captivity at SeaWorld has died due to "serious case of pneumonia". Kyara was the last orca to be born out of this program.

In a 2016 article for National Geographic, the documentary's co-writer, Tim Zimmerman, wrote that Tilikum suffered from confinement, boredom, chronic disease, and aggression from park orcas and trainers.

It was also the end of an era - marking the last captive birth as part of the company's breeding program, which it formally shuttered last March after significant backlash from animal rights activists.

Last month, Cromwell was charged with disorderly conduct and issued a a ticket for $250 plus a $124 surcharge for protesting a building of a Competitive Power Ventures plant in Wawayanda, New York.

However, scientists say captivity is extremely harmful for orcas. SeaWorld then announced that it would phase out its whale performances by 2019. SeaWorld has been under scrutiny since the release of the 2013 documentary, Blackfish, and protests are now commonplace outside SeaWorld locations across the US. The critique became harsher after three people were killed by Tilikum, a captive orca from SeaWorld.