Friday, 17 November, 2017

Cowboys' Lucky Whitehead says his puppy being held for ransom

Cowboys' Lucky Whitehead says someone is demanding ransom after taking his dog Dallas Cowboy Player's Dog Held For Ransom: Lucky Whitehead Contacted With Demands For Cash
Kristopher Love | 18 July, 2017, 04:09

If you know of any details regarding Blitz's whereabouts or who may be involved in this, please contact me immediately.

To add to Whitehead's anguish, he says that Blitz is being held for ransom and that the thieves have gone silent.

Whitehead's friend was watching the house when the break-in took place, he said. His beloved dog seems to be his main concern, since Whitehead hasn't reported any other signs of vandalism from the dog-nappers.

Whitehead is starting training camp soon for the Cowboys, and this is definitely the last thing a football player, or anyone wants to go through for that matter, wants to go through, especially before some of the most important weeks of your year.

Lucky Whitehead really loves his dog, Blitz, which makes the situation he's going through significantly sadder.

The monetary figure that Whitehead told the ransom caller mentioned: $10,000.

Whitehead said his friend had been "picked up" from his home, and that the person who showed up "came with somebody extra".

If someone stole my dog I would pay a lot to get her back.

Whitehead said a detective told him that a "burner" phone couldn't be traced.

"If they have any piece of a heart, just give it to someone else to give back to me".