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Afghan forces retake district in southern province of Helmand

Afghan forces retake district in southern province of Helmand Afghan forces retake district in southern province of Helmand
Melinda Barton | 18 July, 2017, 06:22

The country's security forces drove the Taliban out of Naway district in southern Helmand province from where they had been threatening the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah, said Defense Ministry spokesman, Daulat Waziri. In a New York Times report published July 14, Afghan Army Corps Operations Chief Lt. Col. Abdul Latif raised concerns about whether Afghan National Security Forces would be able to keep control of Nawa if they retook it.

There are no reports regarding the casualties during the clashes so far with the Taliban group yet to comment regarding the fall of the district.

"Meanwhile in another development, Afghan forces have retaken a key southern district from the Taliban while in a western province, insurgents on Monday snatched three officers from their vehicle, including a woman, and killed them, officials said". The Taliban, fighting to re-establish strict Islamic rule in Afghanistan and drive out worldwide forces backing the government in Kabul, control large stretches of the province and have targeted Lashkar Gah.

"The air support provided by the coalition forces increased the morale amongst the Afghan uniform police personnel", he said in a statement.

Afghan police Lt. Col. Mohammad Omar said the US air support was an important part of the operation.

As part of an expeditionary advising package, Marines with Task Force Southwest are advising ANDSF to improve command and control, battle tracking, intelligence, maneuver, fires integration, and leadership evaluation and development.

Nawa is an indispensable district in Helmand Province, said Moqbal. "Nawa is a major north-south route for transportation, so as people travel north, they would typically travel through Nawa". With Nawa in enemy hands, civilian aircraft were unable to land at Bost, the airfield outside of Lashkar Gah, and the security of the city, a civilian population center, was in greater jeopardy. "From that perspective it's a very significant geographic location", said Col. David Gibbs, the Task Force Southwest officer in charge of police training and assistance. It said 434 civilians were killed during military operations against insurgents. "Defeating the enemy in Nawa means defeating the enemy in Helmand".

Afghan security forces and volunteers visit the scene of an attack in Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province, on January 10, 2017.