Thursday, 18 January, 2018

Actress trolled for anti-Bigg Boss post

Actress Jyothi joins her son in Hostel for Bigg Boss show Actress Jyothi joins her son in Hostel for Bigg Boss show
Melissa Porter | 18 July, 2017, 10:59

Here is The Complete Second Episode Written Update on 17th July episode began with Morning Walk Up Song after The Bigg Boss Called All 14 housemates to Assamble at Living Room after that bigg boss enquired who is least deserving person in telugu bigg boss every one shared their opinions. In Shocking Way Bigg Boss Announced Sampoornesh Babu as Captain of The House.The captain should be able to be manage things in the house.

Also, social media has witnessed debates about the relevance of such a show in Telugu compared to its enormous success in Hindi, where the show is hosted by Salman Khan.

The official announcement of Bigg Boss 11 has sent down a wave of excitement amongst the audience as the show will once again feature both celebs and commoners. NTR, who seemed in a particularly happy mood, thanked the Bigg Boss team for giving him an opportunity to interact with TV viewers on a weekly basis.

Right from NTR's entry on to the stage, where he danced to the tunes of "Khelo Khelo Re" from Nannaku Prematho, to introducing the contestants, the show was full of splendour.

A Million viewers have watched the show in the last night. Actually, the wizard of words has openly showered many praises on TV serial actress Hari Teja, calling her as a Suryakantham of the modern generation. Amidst huge hype and expectations, the show had gone on air yesterday on Sunday. For others, the aspirations were different: Dhanraj revealed that if he goes on to win the reality show, he would like to use the money to build a house, and for others like Sameer, Siva Balaji and Jyothi, it was the lure of going through a different experience that brought them on the show. Among the women, Mumait Khan is a noted dancer, who ruled the roost for several years in the film industry before an injury forced her to take a break. She is not that popular though she had acted in films like "Romance". Each and every moment of contestant has to capture in the cameras. All the fans have super excited to see NTR on the small screen.