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USA aims for United Nations vote on N.Korea sanctions within weeks -diplomats

USA aims for United Nations vote on N.Korea sanctions within weeks -diplomats USA aims for United Nations vote on N.Korea sanctions within weeks -diplomats
Melinda Barton | 13 July, 2017, 08:48

Russian Federation has blocked Thursday at the united nations a draft american declaration to take "significant measures" against North Korea, arguing that the missile fired Tuesday by Pyongyang was of medium range and not intercontinental. And if its distance is checked then it covered about 930 kilometers which are equivalent to 530 miles.

The US Missile Defense Agency said Friday it would soon test an anti-ballistic missile system in Alaska.

The issue was a frequent topic of discussion at the summit, and the White House said earlier that the U.S., South Korea and Japan were pressing for additional measures against North Korea to demonstrate the "serious consequences" for its latest provocations.

U.S. President Donald Trump urged Japan on Saturday to further open its market to American exports as part of an effort to address the trade imbalance. Analysts predicted Trump may bring up a secondary boycott or specific ideas for halting or reducing North Korean crude oil supplies during a scheduled meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on July 8.

We made a lot of progress on trade and other elements.

The main question, of course, is whether this ICBM is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, which North Korea says it is.

"According to these parameters, the missile would have a range of roughly 6,700 kilometers [4,163 miles] if launched on a more typical trajectory, making it an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) according to a widely used definition", the United Nations official said on Wednesday.

And in the past, when the United States sought to get North Korea to free Americans detained as spies or illegal prosyletisers, Kim Jong-il was willing to meet and deal with U.S. emissaries like former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, and former UN ambassador Bill Richardson. The also encouraging other allies to publicly declare how they're working to cut off North Korea, seeking to build momentum on the world stage. And finally, we need to make certain they know that in the event there would be an attack, it would be met appropriately and would be the end of the North Korean regime. However, here again, his bullying rhetoric towards China on Twitter is simply inappropriate.

"Recently, certain people, talking about the Korean peninsula nuclear issue, have been exaggerating and giving prominence to the so-called 'China responsibility theory, '" Geng said at a daily news conference, without naming any parties. The one thing that he also says, which drives the media insane, but its an absolute fact, is that others have as well, and that's true. "They have threatened to turn Seoul into a sea of fire".

The night following the launch July 4, US and South Korean airmen joined for a missile test exercise off the Korean Peninsula.

South Korean and USA fighter jets also conducted precision strike drills aimed at attacking enemy targets hidden underground.

At some point, that reality must be apparent to the citizens of North Korea and their leader. Weirdly, this just makes American ICBMs sound more unsafe than North Korea's.

Geng said China has been making unremitting efforts and has played a constructive role, but all parties have to meet each other half way. "And I think the resolution is going to be a really big test on that".

American diplomacy could possibly include a number of symbolic political concessions to North Korea such as the opening of a U.S. liaison mission in Pyongyang, while remaining firmly committed to the security of South Korea.

The best option now for the U.S. is to increase its range of economic sanctions on North Korea and on foreign companies and financiers that do business with the regime, as happened in the case of Iran, which ultimately led Teheran to the bargaining table. We've had no luck negotiating with Pyongyang to get it to give up its nuclear arsenal. They would be immediate targets should the US and South Korea attack the north.