Saturday, 22 September, 2018

Bungie on Destiny 2, "There is Story Everywhere"

Bungie on Destiny 2, Bungie on Destiny 2, "There is Story Everywhere"
Sherri Watson | 13 July, 2017, 03:18

The outcry was legit, it was not the first time for Bungie, many fans didn't like the story of Halo either, the first video game franchise that Bungie worked on.

In the interview, cinematic lead Matthew Ward and narrative lead Jason Harris spoke about the narrative of Destiny 2. The expansions did a better job of actually putting the story in the game, but huge parts of Destiny still felt like nonsense if you didn't want to load up the grimoire. "But leave enough out there for us to build upon". However, with Destiny 2 things will be kicked up a notch. According to Harris, "I think it's important to really understand the studio spent a lot of time world building".

Beta participants will get to play the opening of Destiny 2's new, cinematic story campaign, take on the three-player cooperative Inverted Spire Strike and battle in two competitive multiplayer modes. During Destiny 1 the team explored the world they created, finding stories they wanted to tell along the way, which has apparently influenced the development of Destiny 2 alot.

Harris further believes that players will "see a wide variety of story channels and an eclectic number of outlets to see story infused throughout the game. There is story everywhere", he said.

"I hope people complain about how much story we have", Ward joked.

As we gear up for the imminent Destiny 2 beta, one of the biggest questions about the game is how it will improve on the barely-there narrative of Destiny.

Story can be found in every corner of the world, it seems. So much, in fact, that Ward hopes to see a "Reddit thread" based around how much story there is.