Sunday, 19 August, 2018

Red to release 'Hydrogen' smartphone that's the 1st 'holographic media machine'

Red Hydrogen One Red to release 'Hydrogen' smartphone that's the 1st 'holographic media machine'
Sherri Watson | 12 July, 2017, 13:27

That according to the company, is something which will come unparalleled and that holds the power to subdue lenticular 3D displays, something which the rest are keen of.

What the company called "nanotechnology" will allow the smartphone to seamlessly switch between traditional 2D content, holographic multiview content, 3D content and games, which can be viewed in both landscape and portrait modes.

They were making cameras for smartphones of many major manufacturers and now they are coming out with their own smartphone and how?

The web is buzzing with excitement as RED, a camera manufacturer, released details about the latest addition to its product lineup - Hydrogen One, a smartphone with a 'holographic display.' You might know RED from the super high end video cameras it makes that are used for nearly every festival aftermovie. Besides that, Red has also released a channel where "4-view holographic" content is available. It is also modular similar to the Moto Z of Motorola's phone lineup.

RED's founder, Jim Jannard, said in a forum that there was no way to describe the holographic display except to see it personally.

Again, referring to the statement from Red, the phone's manufacturer, they have used an algorithm that is capable of converting the stereo sound into what they call "multi-dimensional audio".

Taking things a step further is a pending patent design for an entire shoulder mounted cinema camera which, once again, would be powered by the RED Hydrogen One smartphone. Apart from that, it is known that the device will come with a USB Type-c slot and microSD card slot. Red Hydrogen phone will ship in Q1 2018. An aluminum model now sells for just under $1,200, while the titanium style can be bought for $1,595. Hydrogen One owners will also be able to shoot HYDROGEN format holographic images, although the press release does not give details about what that entails.

Pre-orders for the phone have already started on Red's website. Anyone placing an order early will receive an unnamed "small token". There's no word on whether Red Hydrogen One will be available in other markets.