Sunday, 19 August, 2018

Apple iPhone 8's wireless charging may be late for launch, report says

The power button is generally the first button that a user touches to wake the device. By embedding the Touch ID in it unlocking the device will be faster and easier Apple iPhone 8's wireless charging may be late for launch, report says
Sherri Watson | 11 July, 2017, 12:25

Gruber writes that his sources believe inductive-that is, sans wires-charging for the next iPhone will arrive later than the device's launch and with its own price tag. In the meantime, it continues to be a debate in this technology space that is getting smarter each passing time, that inductive charging is not "real" wireless charging as the device needs to sit on top of a charging device to harvest power through induction.

Apple's upcoming iPhone lineup is expected to include an inductive wireless charger however, a new information has been brought to light by Apple blogger John Gruber.

Instead, Gruber claims that the Cupertino-based company plans to sell the wireless charging technology as an additional accessory.

Furthermore, the tweet also suggested that the accessory might be late and Apple might be playing the same type of game as it did with the new Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus by waiting until the next release of iOS to actually unlock that option. However, he shared in a separate tweet that he was not sure entirely as to what was causing the delay - the hardware or software of the smartphones.

Apple fans and tech enthusiast from all over the world are eagerly awaiting the launch of the three iPhones this year.

Apple's iPhone 8 is rumored to come with an edge to edge OLED display and the handset will come with a new Apple A11 processor. Apple is also anticipated to release two more iPhones, namely the 7s and 7s Plus that will succeed the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

As soon as we get some more details about the new iPhone 8 and also the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, including some pictures of these new handsets, we will let you guys know.