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SNES Classic Edition Production "Significantly" Higher Than NES Classic Edition

SNES Classic Edition Production SNES Classic Edition Production "Significantly" Higher Than NES Classic Edition
Theresa Hayes | 29 June, 2017, 09:02

As of now, the SNES Classic is only planned to ship from September 29 until the end of calendar year 2017.

The mini system, which contains 21 pre-installed classic games and can be plugged into any high-definition TV using the included HDMI cable, will be available for $79.99 Dollars starting September 29. In addition to announcing the release date, the Japanese gaming giant has also confirmed the 21 games that will be bundled on the mini younger brother to the NES Classic, which came out past year. Fans have been waiting for this and it is coming.

For those of you who read my review on last year's Nintendo impossible to get Super NES Classic Edition system; Get ready to stand in line.

"The SNES is shorthand for Super Nintendo, which was Nintendo's console in the early 90s", said senior editor Peter Brown.

The console comes bundled with two wired SNES controllers. It is also compatible with the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro accessories.

As with its now sold-out Classic Min: NES predecessor, the Classic Mini: SNES can be plugged into any HDMI slot on your TV for instant retro gaming goodness.

For some time, fans of old games have been creating game ROMs - read-only memory - that emulated the old titles so they could be played on a modern PC or other device.

As well as some all-time classics already installed on the console such as Super Mario Kart, F-Zero and Donkey Kong Country, the new SNES will feature a sequel to Star Fox which has never been released before. The games are all internal, and we hope, like the Classic Edition NES, you can save at any time. "The SNES will also include "The Legend of Zelda" A Link to the Past," "Mega Man X", "Secret of Mana", "Super Castlevania IV", "Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts", "Super Metroid", "Super Punch-Out!" and "Yoshi's Island", Wccftech reports.