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Sarah Palin sues paper for tying her PAC ad to mass shooting

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speaks during the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor Md Sarah Palin sues paper for tying her PAC ad to mass shooting
Alfredo Watts | 29 June, 2017, 09:16

Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska and a USA vice-presidential candidate, has filed a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times.

Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate, filed a defamation lawsuit against The New York Times Co. on Tuesday for the alleged defamation in a recent editorial.

Palin sued the Times over an editorial published this month discussing the shooting of Steve Scalise (R-La), a House Majority at Virginia during a baseball game. A spokeswoman for Times says they will defend against any claim vigorously.

Palin is seeking damages in an amount to be determined by a jury.

"But The Times fabricated this supposed "pattern" and Mrs. Palin's role in it, resurrecting a debunked connection between Mrs. Palin's political activities and Loughner's 2011 rampage in Arizona".

The editorial titled "America's Lethal Politics" published online on June 14, linked Palin's political action committee to a mass shooting in Arizona in 2011, which claimed six lives and injured many others, including Giffords, a Democratic representative from Arizona, the Huff Post reported. Following the uncertainty of this linkage, Times rendered and apology and corrected the issue.

But Palin's complaint states that the Times' attempts to correct the record did not fix the damage to her reputation, and went against the paper's own ethics standards.

Before the January 8, 2011 massacre, Palin's PAC had published a map with crosshairs, as in a gunsight, over Giffords' congressional district and those of 19 other Democrats.

The Times editorial focused on politically motivated violence against members of Congress, noting that James Hodgkinson, described as a Bernie Sanders supporter, targeted the lawmakers.

The Times allegedly defamed the former governor because the newspaper "tended to injure Mrs. Palin in her trade, business or profession and directly implicated Mrs. Palin in a horrific crime", the suit claims.

Reached for comment, a Times spokesperson told CNNMoney that the paper meant to defend itself against Palin's claims.

The lawsuit makes the case that the Times' own past articles "would have demonstrated that there was not direct and clear link between Mrs. Palin and Loughner's heinous acts".